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An image of the Great Hall of the People in Chongqing China

17 August 2021

North Asia Centre of Asia-Pacific is pleased to be able to provide the opportunity for our community to attend subsidised single-day workshops, exclusively for exporting businesses looking to keep pace in the China market.

You will take away a range of go-to-market strategies and tools that will help you to embrace new growth opportunities.

This workshop explores principles and practices that help businesses master fast developing markets using examples of firms successfully competing in China.

We will explore the following topics:

  • Speed and micro segmentation in China
  • Speed and the need for‘hyper’- personalisation in China
  • Sensing trends rapidly in China
  • Workshops are facilitated by, Dr Antje Fiedler, Senior Lecturer and Dr Benjamin Fath, Senior Lecturer
21 August 2021
9:30am - 4pm (NZDT)
Room 523,
Auckland University Business School