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Winds of Change 2021

Winds of Change 2020 Programme:

Winds of Change Symposium 2021

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Future Events List

Wildfire: Risks and Causes

Wetland Restoration

Restauración de humedales

Facing the flood: Learning to live with water

Enfrentando la inundación: Aprendiendo a vivir con agua

Widfire: Risks and causes

Restauración de humedales

Wildfires: Risks and causes

Incendios: forestales riesgos y causas (Prezi)

Diversity for resilient agriculture

Diversity for resilient agriculture: The case of Chile and NZ

Diversity for Resilient Agriculture Powerpoint presentation

Diversidad para una agricultura resiliente: caso de Chile y Nueva Zelanda

Diversity for Resilient Agriculture Report

Project by by Jenny Stein (PGDip SciComm, University of Otago), Valeria González (Master of Territorial Management, in progress, University of Chile), and William Henriquez (PhD Geology, submitted, Victoria University of Wellington)

Agricultural biogas

Agricultural biogas: Kiwi and Chiwi innovation

Biogás agrícola: Kiwi y Chiwi innovación

Sea level rise: Common issues and challenges for Chile and NZ

Aumento del nivel del mar: problemas y desafíos comunes para Chile y NZ
Sea Level Rise: Common Issues and Challenges for New Zealand and Chile (English)
Sea Level Rise: Common Issues and Challenges for New Zealand and Chile (Español)

Forests and Water

Forests and Water

Bosques y agua

The Water Hunt!

¡La cacería del agua!
The Water Hunt Magazine

Hydropower, renewable and sustainable?

Hydropower, renewable and sustainable?

| ¿Energía hidroeléctrica, renovable y sostenible?
Hydropower: A Renewable Energy, but is it Sustainable?
Hidroelectricidad: Una energía renovable, pero es ¿sustentable?

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Energy | Energía geotérmica

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