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  -  Business   -  LatAm Business   -  Webinar recording: Diversification as a Response to Trade Disruptions: Perspectives from New Zealand and Chile
An image of Santiago skyline, Chile

27 November 2020

This webinar, held on 26 November 2020, featured short presentations, discussion between panellists, and Q&A from participants. The following topics were covered:

• The effects of Covid-19 on global value chains (as experienced by two South-Pacific commodity exporters)
• Geopolitical tensions that preceded the pandemic
• A potential future of “slow globalisation”
• New Zealand-Chilean collaboration around trade diversification.

• Dr Alan Bollard – Chair for Pacific Region Business at Victoria University of Wellington & former APEC Executive Director
• Rodrigo Yáñez – Vice Minister of International Economic Relations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chile
• Clare Kelly – Assistant Secretary, Trade and Economic at New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
• Hermann González – Macroeconomic coordinator, Latin American Center for Economic and Social Policies at Catholic University (Clapes UC)

• Jorge Sahd – Director of the Center for International Studies at Catholic University (CEIUC)
• Stephanie Honey – NZ International Business Forum, CAPEs Advisory Board


• Stephanie Honey – Associate Director of the NZ International Business Forum

Opening and closing remarks:
• Her Excellency Sara Meymand – New Zealand Ambassador to Mexico
• His Excellency Alfredo Pérez Bravo – Mexican Ambassador to New Zealand
• Peter McMenamin – President, Latin America New Zealand Business Council