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Te Hononga-ā-Kiwa

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Benefits from attending a workshop include

Opportunities to apply practical, market-specific insights to your business
Networking with fellow businesspeople to share ideas and broaden market knowledge
Gaining valuable commercial insights drawing from other businesses' successes and failures in North Asian markets

What do I do in the Te Hononga-ā-Kiwa Programme?

The Te Hononga-ā-Kiwa Programme is made up of three components: Orientation*, International Visit* and Group Business Project*. In 2020, Te Hononga-ā-Kiwa will be delivered online.

Each Programme has its own key focus area which has ranged from primary industry to digital technology. The business visits* and activities are based on the focus area of the Programme and will includes connecting with New Zealand Government Agencies including Embassies, High Commissions and Consulates.

For specific details visit the for the current offerings 2020 Programmes.

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Orientation begins once participants have been selected. It is designed to prepare participants for the programme so that they are well equipped for the opportunities on offer, and prepare participants specifically for the international visit. Orientation spans a six-week structure where participants are immersed in a number of different activities including a 2-day workshop, online activities, online discussions, research activities and preparatory group work prior to the visit. Student participants will be matched with Business participants who will host them at their company to prepare and discuss the group business projects. Topics will include:

  • Background on the country and region
  • Historical and current political and cultural realities in the region
  • Aotearoa business engagement with the region
  • Business trends and growing market opportunities for Māori in the region
  • Introductory local language support.

Orientation begins with a two-day in-person workshop with the full delegation which will involve whakawhanaungatanga, tikanga discussions, business visits, and preparatory work.

International visit

The International Visit usually takes place over 8-12 days and the itinerary varies for each region.

Over the course of the visit you will connect with industry experts (relevant to the focus of each country) and experience ‘doing business’ in the region. You will visit local and Indigenous businesses throughout the region and participate in presentations and site visits across different cities. You will have the opportunity to connect with key contacts that identify with Indigenous business opportunities and develop an understanding of how Aotearoa businesses operate in that region.

The visit includes a unique cultural exchange with the Indigenous Peoples of that region where you will gain insights into how Indigenous business operates in that region. This opportunity is facilitated through University visits where you connect with like-minded Indigenous students and in-market visits with Indigenous businesses

Through dedicated downtime you will be able to explore the local city, enjoy local cuisine, and participate in local activities.

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Group business project

You will work together in groups to solve a business challenge that is of relevance to the region and focus area. This is called the Group Business Project and it presents an opportunity for you to put your business skills and research to the test in a real life situation.

Partnered with a Māori Business participant you will have the opportunity to explore market insights and opportunities drawing on their expertise specific to their Business. On the final day of the Programme, you will present your Group Business Project findings.

On your return to Aotearoa you may be invited to present your learning with the wider business community and network.

Cultural exchange

peoples of the region which provides participants with the opportunity to connect and share similarities, differences, struggles, strengths, world views and stories. In recent years Te Hononga-ā-Kiwa has had the privilege of being hosted by Indigenous Peoples such as the Mapuche (Chile) and Ainu (Japan).

Through this opportunity we’ve created spaces for an exchange with Indigenous students where they worked on creating a joint venture business idea that brought together values of the two cultures. We’ve been privileged to experience cultural customs, visit traditional buildings, sites of significance, and enjoy wholesome and delicious traditional kai!

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