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International solutions: Aotearoa New Zealand's place in a troubled world

About the pre-seminars

7 June 2023

You will attend a seminar related to your region of interest (North Asia, Southeast Asia, or Latin America) and meet experts who will talk about Aotearoa New Zealand’s engagement with these areas. Previous seminars have included such experts as Professor David Capie and Emeritus Professor Rob Rabel from the Centre for Strategic Studies at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington. The experts for 2023 will be announced shortly.

An image of the students at the NZIIA Conference 2021

How could this experience impact you?

You’ll learn about Aotearoa New Zealand’s place in the most pressing international affairs of our time.
You’ll have the opportunity to learn from and meet with leaders & experts from across government agencies and academia.
You’ll meet with and build relationships with like-minded peers from across Aotearoa New Zealand.
You’ll become a CAPE alumnus and expand your network by connecting with CAPE alumni and stakeholder communities.

Applications closed 11:59pm
1 May 2023

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