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An image of a student doing a Spanish activity

LatAm Cultures and Languages in the Classroom

An image of students learning Spanish

The LatAm Cultures and Language in the Classroom was a collaborative project drawing on expertise from Victoria University of Wellington’s School of Languages and Cultures and the School of Education and the University of Auckland’s School of Cultures, Languages and Linguistics and School of Curriculum and Pedagogy. The programme was designed to address the lack of resources available for teachers of Spanish to use in their classrooms. Advanced level Spanish students were brought into year 7-10 classrooms in Wellington and Auckland as ‘Language and Culture Assistants’ to support teachers in their Spanish language teaching. One teacher commented, “This was definitely the highlight of the year for our students.” As a result of the programme, a suite of resources was developed by teachers and language assistants which will be uploaded onto the Teachapac website.

Watch the video below to find out more: