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23 February, 2023

The North Asia Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence (NA CAPE) is offering up to fifteen tertiary students the opportunity to participate in a two-week domestic China Business Hybrid Study Tour. Participants will explore in-market opportunities specific to China through interactive online sessions and one in-person event.

The aim of this tour is to help young New Zealanders grow their Chinese knowledge, skills, and networks, enabling them to better understand how New Zealand firms can successfully conduct business with our largest trading partner.

The tour will take place 15 – 27 April 2023. Participants will be required to attend all sessions and reflect upon their learnings post-tour.

The online portion will focus on organisations involved in the Creative and Services sectors in China and predominantly have a NZ connection. While food and agriculture commodities dominate exports to our largest trading partner, there are a number of exciting companies and entrepreneurs outside of those sectors who have established successful operations in China.

A series of online sessions will allow participating students to hear directly from organisations on their journeys in China and to learn more about their experiences in starting a business in one of the world’s most dynamic and challenging markets.

In addition to online sessions, students will receive insights into business Chinese language, culture, and NZ-China relations serving to deepen their understanding of this important country. There will also be an in-person networking opportunity scheduled post tour.

The following broad topics will be covered, and the overall focus will be on sharing the stories of successful companies and entrepreneurs and hearing from them on why China, the what, when and how (the evolution of their business) and some thoughts on the future.

Presence in market – Legal Entity (with a company/office) or through Partnerships/Distributors
Operations – location, structure, staff, autonomy & empowerment, relationship with HO
Regulatory environment – specific to their business/sector
Key clients and customers and how these are serviced including Channels to Market, Customer experience etc
Marketing – Social Media, KOLs, KOCs, B2B, Online,
Challenges and opportunities in a changing market – Localisation, Competition, Supply Chains, Talent – Acquisition and Retention, eCommerce, Covid-19, further regulations, Geopolitics, and more to come.

This programme is fully funded by the North Asia Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence with the exception of incidentals.

Successful applicants will also have the opportunity to join the CAPEs’ tertiary-student development programme, Te Ara Tipu, later this year. Te Ara Tipu provides its members with a range of professional development, networking, travel, and career growth opportunities.

Eligibility Criteria:
– NZ Citizen or permanent resident
– Tertiary level students
– Available 15 April for orientation
– Commitment to scheduled online sessions 17-27 April
– Agreement to terms and conditions

As part of the application you will need to detail the following in one page or less:
– Why you have applied for this study tour?
– What is your motivation for learning about doing business with China?
– How do you plan to apply learnings from this tour to your studies?
Also attach a copy of your CV

Applications for this study tour are now closed.