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An image of Stephanie Honey

Stephanie Honey


Stephanie Honey is Associate Director of the New Zealand International Business Forum, serves as policy advisor to the New Zealand members of the APEC Business Advisory Council and runs an independent trade policy consultancy working with government and business clients. She is also co-founder of a business offering executive education in trade policy. Stephanie’s interests include regional economic integration especially in the Asia-Pacific, the WTO, agriculture and food trade, services and digital trade, non-tariff barriers and inclusive growth involving SMEs and women in trade. Prior to becoming a consultant, Stephanie was a trade negotiator at the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, including serving for a time as the New Zealand Agriculture Negotiator in the WTO Doha Round, at the New Zealand Mission to the EU in Brussels, as the senior New Zealand official responsible for the bilateral relationship with Australia and in a variety of other roles.