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An image of Nikki Lima

Nikki Lima

Programme Manager

Born and raised in California, Nikki grew up in a multicultural environment that led to an interest in understanding other cultures and seeing as much of the world as possible. Her travels have allowed her to see the world through different perspectives and solidify her passion for learning.

Nikki spent over five years in the International Education sector, mostly as an English Language Instructor at the University of Sydney, where she completed her Master of Applied Linguistics. She has volunteered with NGOs in various countries and completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Development Studies.

Nikki’s goals include equipping people of all ages with the tools they need to become better global citizens. She hopes to inspire Kiwis to explore the wonderful world of Latin America and develop their cultural knowledge and linguistic abilities to help them succeed in the region.

Nikki speaks Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and French.

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