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An image of Natalie Reeve

Natalie Reeve

Project Manager

Natalie currently works for the CAPEs as a Project Manager, based at the University of Otago, supporting programmes including Winds of Change and The Context: Asia-Pacific.

Originally from the UK, Natalie graduated with a BA(Hons) in Ancient History from the University of Durham. She then pursued a career in research management, supporting grant-making committees at the Medical Research Council and Cancer Research UK. In her next role at University College London, she oversaw funding applications for ophthalmology (eye health) research, engaging with multiple research institutions and funders to co-ordinate the submission of multimillion-pound grant applications.

Natalie moved to Dunedin in 2021 with her family, and is continuing to pursue her university administration career, with a commitment to enabling success in research and education. She brings to the CAPEs a keen eye for detail, alongside a proven track record of delivering high-quality outputs on multi-stakeholder projects and organising impactful events.

Contact Information
T : 03 471 6127