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An image of Charlie Gao

Charlie Gao

Director, North Asia Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence

Charlie was born in Chengdu and grew up in Auckland. His professional goals are to help Aotearoa New Zealand be an even better place to live by becoming more sustainable, equitable, and Asia-savvy.

Charlie took over as Director in mid-2021 after previously holding the Operations Manager role at North Asia CAPE. Prior to joining North Asia CAPE, Charlie spent nine years working for a New Zealand-owned, China-based investment advisory firm, including as managing partner. He has led advisory mandates for companies such as Zespri, Weta Workshop, Les Mills International, and Fonterra, and managed assets on behalf of the development finance banks of Germany, France, and the Netherlands.

Charlie has BSc, BA(Hons), and MA(Hons) degrees from the University of Auckland, and speaks English and Mandarin as first languages.

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