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Dr Eldrede Kahiya

Prior to joining academia Eldrede spent a combined eight years as a practitioner in international logistics (imports/exports operations) and retail management. This work experience is spread across diverse environments which include Zimbabwe, USA, and New Zealand.

Eldrede is a member of the following international associations; Academy of International Business and International Entrepreneurship scholars

He is collaborating with researchers in and outside New Zealand on a series of projects including;

  • The globalization/internationalization/cross-cultural diffusion of sport.
  • The role of SMEs and policymakers in driving New Zealand’s export growth agenda.
  • Internationalization of retail activities (from an emerging market perspective).
  • Inter-organizational supply chain collaboration.

Eldrede’s research interests centre on the following broad subjects and he welcomes enquiries and collaboration.

  • Firm-level export development
  • National-level export promotion
  • Internationalization
  • Emerging and bottom of the pyramid markets
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