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Cape is committed to enhancing New Zealand’s economic engagement and cultural understanding with the Asia-Pacific region, and building New Zealanders' understanding and ability to engage.

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How do the CAPEs operate?

The CAPEs offer events, programmes, scholarships, internships, and other initiatives to support New Zealand's businesses, schools, communities and students to understand the key countries of the Asia-Pacific region better.

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When were the CAPEs launched?

Title about Cape Education

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Centres of Asia-Pacific Excellence
New Zealanders Reached

Throughout the trip the businesses and organisations we met with all provided key learnings related to the non-economic side of business, highlighting social and ethical issues such as climate change, sustainability and protections or indigenous knowledge. Being immersed in the operations of both new and established companies provided a contrast of approaches to Singaores market, and a new way to think about exploring South East Asia as a whole.

Kendall Watts TMIP 2021 Participant Te Herenga Waka - Victoria University of Wellington

It has been an incredible eye-opening experience...there have been huge learnings on economics, relationships between countries, business in Asia and New Zealand's place in this. I would definitely recommend this programme to others.

Imogen Graham TMIP 2020 Participant

Southeast Asia is an exciting, dynamic place and I can't wait to return. Overall, the trip was a valuable experience and I would recommend any tertiary student to apply. As a non-business student, I learnt so much about New Zealand entrepreneurship in Southeast Asia and the distinct business culture of each country. The trip has broadened my horizons and I look forward to returning to this part of the world soon. A big thank you to SEA CAPE for the opportunity of a lifetime!

Charlotte Keir TMIP 2019 Participant University of Canterbury

The content was very relevant to our business. I found the diverse/different business protocols and culture conversations very interesting.

Great to get background information on the markets, channels, and real life examples of products in the market.

The most useful aspect of the workshop is the input from other participants who have experience in exporting to these countries already.

“Latin America is a market that not many are exploring but Māori are looking to diversification of their assets, looking to the future -- where to next, so this report will become part of the repertoire that we can use to encourage thinking outside of the box … It will also allow us to explore future opportunities, supporting Māori along the value chain ... We will build on the report and are very sad that we can't have [both interns] working on this further!"

Business participant, Market Insights Programme

“It was my pleasure to be part of this amazing initiative that contributes to LatAm and NZ to share their culture, business approaches, challenges and opportunities. Both people/countries can work even closer to build a better future. We have a lot to share and learn [from] each other.”

2019 Globalista-in-Action mentor

“The Latin America CAPE is in a unique position in NZ to provide activities and programmes to develop and grow New Zealanders’ knowledge and understanding of Latin America. The LatAm CAPE has a dedicated focus on the region and the resources to take on this challenge. Anything they do contributes to the growth, and that can be through an interaction with one, or a group of students to publicly available collateral and stories that talk to the relationship between NZ and Latin America. It all helps to build on what has come before and to shape up what is to come.”

Brendan Mahar, NZTE Latin America Market Manager

“ I hope it continues to grow and expands its network to strengthen relations between Chile and New Zealand in terms of carrying out projects that help mitigate and provide effective solutions to the problems caused by climate change”

2020 Winds of Change participant

“It massively improved my confidence, upscaled my ability to think and live in the language, and drove home the opportunities for career and life enrichment provided through knowing Spanish”

2020 Puertas Abiertas student participant

"I can safely say that this has been the most informative experience I've had at university"

(TMIP) Karan Kalsi

"You have certainly achieved your mission of creating a pipeline of young people who are interested and informed about the SEA region,"

(TMIP) Maisy Bentley

"I'm now an ASEAN convert and would love to work in the region once I graduate"

(TMIP) Karan Kalsi

"I've made many valuable contacts, had a multitude of new learnings and made life-long friendships"

(TMIP) Garth Tunnicliffe

"Learning business in Southeast Asia has been something I will never forget and take with me into the workforce"

(TMIP) Abbey Smith

"The workshop was very eye opening and full of very valuable insights"

(EMBA) Julian De Meo

"A good idea for businesses wanting to compare southeast Asian Markets before entering any"

Maria Gray

"I loved participating in the NA CAPE intercultural competency workshop, I have undertaken many similar programmes over the course of my career, but this one was the first to force me to analyse my own behaviours and assumptions and truly reflect on my cultural context and enabled me to stop, observe and translate others without judgement"

Participant, Intercultural Competency Training

‘Hands down one of the best opportunities that has come our way.’

Amber Taylor, CEO Ara Journeys

“My internship in Chile definitely empowered me to take a more active role in promoting access to knowledge and decision-making around trade for structurally oppressed communities, and that’s a kaupapa I’d like to dedicate myself to going forward. ”

- Laura Somerset, Latin America CAPE 2019 ABAC Intern in Chile

This programme has given us the opportunity to dream really big!!! It's exciting to think how we as indigenous artists can enter markets we hadn't previously thought possible and make meaningful connections’

- Lissy Robinson-Cole, Designer and Founder, Lissy Cole Designs, North Asia CAPE Polynesian Creative Cluster Programme

"As I go forward in my studies, community work, business ventures and career SEA will be much more present in my mind. Whether it is as a potential area of research, a market for expansion or otherwise. TMIP has given me a foundation of knowledge, cultural competency and confidence to do so.”

- Maisy Bentley, Participant, Southeast Asia CAPE Tertiary Market Immersion Programme


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