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Diversifying into Latin America

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The Latin America CAPE Diversifying into Latin America (DILA) business Programme 2022 is currently underway and includes 12 New Zealand businesses interested in exporting to Latin America.

Please see below for DILA Programme content. Watch this space for announcements about a call for applications in the second half of 2022.

DILA Programme learning objectives:

  • Access and apply the latest market intelligence, tools and strategies to support your business engaging successfully with Latin America.
  • Create a strategy and value proposition to access new export opportunities.
  • Apply feedback and knowledge from peers, academics and Latin America market specialists to refine your Latin American engagement.
  • Test ideas on gaining and retaining your competitive advantage with leading New Zealand exporters and market experts.
  • Learn and apply practical intercultural business skills.

Programme information

Opening Session: Friday 18 – Saturday 19 March (Virtual) 

  • Learn about successful New Zealand companies in Latin America.
  • Apply insights to your business contexts and realities.
  • Market validation and price points.
  • Panel discussion with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise Trade Commissioners sharing on-the-ground expertise.

Workshop 1: Thursday 24 March (Virtual)

Business dynamics and environmental conditions of doing business in Latin America

  • Explore diverse country-specific markets.
  • Understand specific country risks and strategies to manage such risks.

Workshop 2: Thursday 31 March (Virtual)

Innovation in the Latin America region

  • Digital and tech transformation in Latin America and the importance of digital commerce.
  • Opportunities and challenges for Kiwi businesses to innovate for the region.

Workshop 3: Thursday 7 April (Virtual)

Understand what the Latin America consumer wants

  • Consumer trends in the region and specific countries.
  • Changing consumer-behaviour in COVID-19 times.

Workshop 4: Thursday 21 April (Virtual)

Testing your business value proposition (BVP) and developing an engagement strategy

  • Participants bring their BVP for targeting Latin America and receive feedback with Latin American focus groups.

Workshop 5: Thursday 28 April (Virtual)

Sustaining business growth

  • Technical aspects: eg, logistics, supply chains & distribution, regulatory and tax hurdles.
  • Financing growth (eg, bootstrapping).

Workshop 6: Thursday 5 May (Virtual)

Business partnerships

  • Identifying business partners.
  • Build and maintain trust in relationships

Closing Session: Friday 13 – Saturday 14 May (in-person) in Wellington (contingent on COVID-19 Protection Framework)

  • Understand how culture impacts how we do business.
  • Q&A and final remarks with Trade Commissioners in Latin America.
  • Industry leaders presentations.
  • Participants present market entry strategies.

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